Worldview Categories

Categories of worldviews.

Worldview Categories

Worldviews can be categorized in several ways.  The simplest way is to categorize worldviews into two broad types:

Atheism & Theism Worldview Categories.JPG

However, these categories are too simplistic for a deeper understanding of worldviews.  A more effective approach is to use the following three categories: 

Atheism Monotheism & Pantheism Worldview Categories

Here, theism has been separated into two categories - monotheism and pantheism.  

Where Worldviews Fit

Most major worldviews fit into one of the three worldview categories of atheism, monotheism or pantheism.  However, some worldviews do not neatly fit into any of these.  For example, agnosticism, which is not knowing if God exists, is not fully atheistic.  In addition, some worldviews overlap several worldview categories.  Traditional Buddhism, for example, does not include a belief in a single, supreme God, but holds to the existence of the spiritual realm and to spiritual beings.